Frequently Asked Questions:

1) Why do I need all of these items?

Each of the items in the CLIMBOX are included to keep your hands in peak climbing performance. Proper maintenance of your hands can increase how often you are able to climb and minimize healing time between climbs.

  • CHALK / LIQUID CHALK - keep your hands dry to ensure as much friction as possible between your hands and whatever you are holding on to.
  • TAPE - prevent injuries or cover up any cuts, scrapes, flappers, etc you may get while climbing.
  • SALVE used after a rough session when your hands are raw and sore. The ingredients assist in moisturizing and nourishing the skin.
  • PUMICE STONE - gets rid of those large calluses that begin to develop. When calluses get too large, they become a hazard for flappers.

2) Don't these products already exist?

Yes. Most of these products are made by other companies and they are really good products! We believe there is an easier way to find everything you need to keep your hands in peak climbing shape. By offering them all at once, we are able to keep prices lower than if you bought the 5 items individually.

3) Where do you get your products?

Everything we make our products with is sourced as locally as possible. The ingredients in the salves are all locally made here in Texas.

4) Are the products in your box sustainable / recycled?

We have worked to find sustainable partners and will remain vigilant on ensuring the products we use are sustainable. The boxes are made of 100% recycled cardboard. We also plan to implement a recycling program that allows you to send back any piece of the box after you have used it for a discount on a new purchase.